Why pivot?

In startup term, the pivot is defined as a change in strategy. The realization of various threats, ranging from changes in features, changes in products, to changes in business models. We are practicing this method. There are many reasons behind a pivot plan. Most commonly, pivoting is done because the business model being run is not very accepted by the market. Another reason, the pivot is done because it finds a new bigger opportunity. In the context of the AAI project, we do pivot for assig

Lessons Learned/Comments in Relation to AAI

The program has been significantly helpful for us as part of the startup ecosystem in Indonesia. During the program, we have the opportunity to build our networks with other startup players not only within Indonesia, but also across Australia’s ecosystem. Our particular project is in fact initiated after studying the potential collaboration we can pursue between the two ecosystems. The range of the startup sectors participating in this program is such that we can have the portrait of Indonesian

Australia Award Brings Me Back to Sydney

In 2015, I enrolled at UTS Sydney to do a master program. I had a master of arts in communication management in 2016. After two years of great experience in Sydney, I, together with my wife and two daughters, had to go back home, Indonesia, in 2017. For my daughters, Sydney has been a home. I remembered their facial expression when I told them that we are going back to Indonesia for good. They could not believe it. What they knew was that Sydney is home for them. I cannot blame them, Sydney is

Gaddie Pitch

This post is to share one out of few ways to pitch your ideas. It's called Gaddie Pitch. You can google it to find out but if you just want to continue reading this short post, I bet you can get enough idea as to what it is a Gaddie pitch. To contextualise it, I include my business pitch as an example. With Gaddie Pitch, you can deliver your idea within 3 effective sentences. Keep reading, mate! First, state the problem you want to solve, Second, bring your solution, and Finally, state your

About Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch is a famous way to deliver your idea, particularly in startup, it is very popular skillset that an entrepreneur should have. Are you in startup industry? This post is for you. I will try to make it short and provide example as well. You would agree with me that we are never in an elevator for long, unless the elevator is stuck. You will only need 20 or 30 seconds there. Imagine, in that short period of time, you are expected to convince other people on your idea.

Homework: Elevator Pitch & BMC Revision

So at the workshop in Sydney, Dr Carla reiterated the concept of making a Business Model Canvas. From what I’ve made before, there are some things that I need to improve. Previously I explained about my project and the Business Model Canvas here (click on the link or just scroll to previous post on this blog to know more about my course project and the objectives). Btw, for your information, in this project, I am working on something new outside of my company project (DailySocial.id), but still

Hi Sydney

This time I didn’t say much through writing, but I will share a few moments in the photos from my first weekend in Sydney. This is my first visit to Australia btw. But FYI, unlike others, I didn’t spend much time on vacation. Technically I don’t take time off from work, so I must divide my time to do the tasks and focus on this course. And this is the gallery of my short trip, original from my phone camera. (Click on the photo for bigger view) • None Again and again, super love with classic bui